OSGA Conference in Cedar Falls

Ostfriesen Teacup

I’m headed to the Ostfriesen Society Genealogical Conference, being held this year in Cedar Falls, Iowa.  (In previous years  it was in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area.)  The complete research library of OSGA will be available for research.  Let’s see: Tergast, Leer,  and Neermoor are some of the books I’ll be checking.  (Thank goodness the Germans kept such an excellent records!)

Part of the conference is an Ostfriesen Tea, always a delight in itself!  This time I’m taking my own teacup, pictured above, for the occasion.  The cup was a gift from my German friends (Ostfriesen, of course!) Jens and Jane.


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One Response to OSGA Conference in Cedar Falls

  1. Sissel Theuerjahr says:

    I just found this blog and read some articles. The Krummhörn and Grundy Center in Iowa are official partners (sistercities) since oct.2010 and we started a new blog to connect both. There are lots of interesting themes, that should be part of the new friendship between both partners.
    We are very interested to bonding new friennds in Iowa and to get in closer contact with people that descended from East Frisia and, of course, everyone who is interested in german-american freindship. The Krummhörn is about to intensify contact to schools.
    If you are interested, just join our blog http://www.iowaostfriesen.wordpress.com. If you have somme ideas about some themes to discuss, some useful adresses etc… just let us know, we are very pleased to get any information or tip.
    Greetings from Pewsum (Krummhörn),
    Sissel Theuerjahr
    Touristik GmbH Krummhörn-Greetsiel

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