It’s a Beautiful Thing

To experience 150 persons of Ostfriesen ancestry at a genealogy conference enjoying tea and a dessert called Rote Grutze!   Delicious.

This evening I attended the session Lin Strong and Gene Janssen presented on traveling in Ostfrisesen.   It was a light-hearted approach and quite enjoyable.  Lin’s suggestion:  if you expect everything to be “just like home” maybe you shouldn’t go!

The entire OGSA library has been transported to Cedar Fall for this conference.  The books were getting lots of use this evening during the research open hours.  I was able to resolve some problems and fill in some dates base on material found in the Ortsippenbucher.  We were the last ones still using the library when they closed for the evening at 11 p.m.  The rest of the search will have to wait.


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