OGSA conference notes

The third day of the conference was a day of learning for me.  Rev. Jürgen Hoogstraat described the patterns and reasons for “movement, marriage, and migration” in Ostfriesen in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Unfortunately, I could not attend the last day and a half of the conference, but I was able to purchase the long-awaited two volume set of the Neermoor Ortsippenbuch!  What a great resource this is.

Conferences like these do not just happen.  The volunteers and presenters have had this in the works for a long time and their careful planning has resulted in a first-class Ostfriesen conference.  They deserve much credit, including Jean, who, despite troubles with her microphone and laptop, weathered the challenges all calmly and gave a quality presentation.   That speaks to the Ostfriesen resilience and perseverance.

And, I learned today Warren, a cousin of mine, has earned the distinction of being a “jolly man.”  Now that is a notable reputation.


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One Response to OGSA conference notes

  1. Mary Ann Black says:


    Sounds like a wonderful conference.
    Your blog is beautiful and I love that tea cup!

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