Wi-fi challenge

Technology problems and woes were at the heart of my day. In a rare occurrence, our electrical power was off today for approximately 90 minutes. When power was restored, the wi-fi connection on my laptop would not connect to the Internet. An entire morning spent troubleshooting the problem did not result in a solution. How on earth could I do any genealogy or read email? This was frustrating because my husband’s PC (wired desktop) worked just fine. So the Internet connection was not the problem.

A friend and I met at the Ames Public Library (used the wi-fi service available there) to discuss changes to the website we maintain for the Story County Genealogical Society. My laptop connected to the Internet with absolutely no problems.

Now how can it be explained that when I booted up my laptop back home again the Internet connection was established almost immediately?   If I had know it would be that easy, I would have tried the library sooner! And just like in genealogy research, perhaps a bit of patience will go a long way.

(But there is still no explanation why the wi-fi connection suddenly began working again. One of the little mysteries of life!)


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