The Lost Has Been Found

If it’s not misplacing these poor ancestors, it is putting them in the wrong part of the chart!IGS Nametag

The Iowa Genealogical Society (IGS) creates these name tags as a fund raiser.  In ordering the  first one, I did the Big Genealogy Goof–skipped a generation!  So, that name tag now serves s a reminder for me to use accurate ancestral information.  Shown here is the second one I ordered … and lost … and found.

After attending a meeting at the Iowa Genealogical Society, my name tag was nowhere to be found in my purse, car, or jacket.  And this is the second time I have misplaced it!  A  phone call to IGS, confirmed it was underneath the chair in the conference room.  Now it’s back in my possession.  Maybe ordering another one would not only put a few cents into the coffers of IGS, but serve as a backup if I can’t keep this listing of my ancestors in my possession.


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