Taking my Genealogy With Me

For a few years I’ve used the Pocket Genealogist (www.northernhillssoftwary.com) software on my HP ipaq 2495b. It’s worked very well. The paid version allows for input, but the free version is still worthwhile, too. I liked the feature of being able to reference my genealogy information when I was out and about.

But time moves on, and now I’ve switched to a Droid “smart phone.” I love the phone, but only wish there were more genealogy applications for it. A search for “genealogy” on the Android market brings up a meager seven applications!

I’ve been using Family Bee (www.beekeeperlabs.com) and, again, like the ability to make my ancestors “portable.” But Family Bee, even thought it’s not free, does not allow for input of new information.  It only is a family tree/GEDCOM viewer.

So, here is “wishing and hoping” there will be a genealogy app for the Droid system that is more robust, flexible, and allows for input!


About maryjlohr

Avid genealogist.
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