Pie and Genealogy “Theory”

Members of our local genealogy group, the Story County Genealogical Society, often go to a local restaurant for a bit of socializing after our meetings.   We talk about lots of things, genealogy included.

I have a theory that having a piece of pie after a meeting helps one in the search for ancestors.  Maybe this is not as far-fetched as it sounds: if you share ideas with other experienced researchers, they may have a suggestion or two for scaling that brick wall you’ve encountered.  So, if this happens over a piece of pie, how can we say that didn’t help?

The only problem with this “theory” is I don’t think it meets the genealogy proof standard! But we’re working on that … over another piece of pie.

About maryjlohr

Avid genealogist.
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2 Responses to Pie and Genealogy “Theory”

  1. I love your theory! We just had our society meeting today…I would have loved a chat over pie.

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