A Cool Tool(bar)

I am always hesitant to give up any real estate, on my computer desktop that is.  And the proliferation of toolbars detracts from available space with offering little in return.  However,  the Relatively Curious toolbar, created by Tami Glatz, is an exception  and offers a lot of value for the space it takes.

Two features I find especially useful are the “Free Sites” tab, with a link to all the Family Search options (original site, Record Search Pilot, Family Search Wiki, Library Catalog, Historical Books, Indexing, and Articles and Research Guides); and, the Radio Station player.  Now I can listen to music while enjoying quick access access to some of the best genealogy websites.   How cool is that!

Tami continues to develop and update the toolbar.  This one is worth giving a try.  You can find the toolbar at and also read Tami’s blog at Relatively Curious About Genealogy.

Some of the category choices:

(Image courtesy of Tami Glatz.)


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