Relationships in the Family Tree

My sister Pat discovered an interesting connection in our Liechtenstein ancestry:  names of one ancestor appeared in two places.  In other words, our family tree connected at several places.  Upon closer examination, we learned our maternal grandparents were actually third cousins to each other!   Egridius Nipp, who lived 1765-1846, was their common great-great-grandfather.  That means our mother was a fourth cousin to her siblings and by extension Pat and I are not only sisters, we are fifth cousins.

Now the fun part is trying to explain this to our nieces and nephews.  I love to greet them with, “Hello, niece AND fifth cousin once-removed.”  The look on their faces is priceless!

There are other examples on our ancestry, going back to the Vreschen-Bokel (Apen parish) area of Germany: Gerdt Wilcken born about 1564/65 (son of Olmann Wilken) is my tenth great-grandfather on two lines and also my ninth great-grandfather.

And Gerdt Wilcken had a grandson, Gerd Wilken, who is my seventh great-grandfather as well as twice my first cousin ten times removed.   So it goes.

In discussing this with other family history researchers, I am finding these types of relationships in the pedigree are not unusual, given that people may have stayed in the same general location for hundreds of years.

It still makes me dizzy trying to calculate it!  Thank goodness for my RootsMagic genealogy software that handles it very well.


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