Two Terrific Finds

It’s been estimated less than two per cent of genealogy records are available online, but I think it’s what is already in that two per cent that has contributed greatly to finding our ancestors.   Two resources have just made my <genealogy> life easier:

The first find  was made when, upon checking the website for open hours of the Roland (Iowa) Public Library, I discovered a link to a digital version of the newspaper The Roland Record for the entire run of publication, 1895-1975.  The full text is available and searchable.  O happy day!  Now this is plain convenience!

The second great find was learning the State Historical Society of Iowa has created an online index to what had been a gap in the Story County death records for June 1919-July 1921.   Even more convenience as both the Roland newspaper archives and these formerly missing death records can now be searched from the convenience of any Internet-connected computer.

I don’t expect the bulk of records genealogists use in their records will, in my life-time, be available online.  But the amount that ARE online is increasing daily.  It’s a great time to be researching family history!



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One Response to Two Terrific Finds

  1. Mary Ann Black says:


    If this genealogy gig does not work out for you, you have a great future as an investigative researcher/reporter!!!! Good job!

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