What’s In Your Genealogy?

Browsing through the surname list of my ancestors turns up some interesting names:

On my Liechtenstein line, there is a Fox, a Boss, a Nutt, and a Nipp (no evidence this line worked at a brewery or ran a pub!)   There are umpteen Janssen names, but that is an Ostfriesen name, not a Scandinavian one.

In addition there are the names specific to the Ostfriesen/The Netherlands area: Bouke, Reemt Siebelts Veltkamp, Renske, Upke Adden, Hempe Sebens, Sjamke Hensmann, Erd Wylfzena Ost, Hoitet Absna, Tiabrigjen Hikken, Bilte Reinders Lichtenvoort, … and my poor spell-checker does not recognize any of them!

The names are as unique as the people, and I only wish I knew more about the people themselves.


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