Too Much of a Good Thing?

One of the joys of doing genealogy research is connecting with distant relatives. Several years ago I used a genealogy software program to generate a webpage and placed it online. Eventually a cousin of my husband’s in Sweden and several cousins of mine in Germany, France, and the United States visited the webpage and we exchanged more genealogy information. In each case we were able to learn more about our common ancestors.

Flash forward to the present and there are numerous programs available for posting a family tree to the web: Rootsweb,, WordPress, GeneaNet, Google sites, Facebook and a host of others. It’s always tempting to try a new website, but how much is too much?

Most Internet search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo) will index and find the information so maybe, just maybe, the latest, greatest site I read about today is a bit redundant. Although it might be displayed in a slightly different format with each program, all my ancestral information found so far is going to have the same basic content.

Have I reached the point of “online saturation effectiveness” for posting my genealogy information?


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One Response to Too Much of a Good Thing?

  1. Mary Ann Black says:

    Only YOU can know that!! 🙂

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