A Simpler Life, or, Password Mania?

Were the days of yore really a simpler time? Probably not.  Almost all of my ancestors lived their lives close to the soil, the earliest of them having spent a lifetime of raising a family, homesteading the land, breaking the soil, providing and raising their own food, dealing with poverty and disease, and braving the elements. It seems their lot was very challenging when I remember they did all this without electricity, automobiles, decent roads, and any of our so-called modern conveniences.

Generations hence my ancestors will probably look back and think life in the early 21st century was “simple.” Mostly I would agree– the exception being having to keep track of endless and countless passwords that are so much a product of technology. (One of the few down sides as generally technology, computers and such have greatly improved our quality of life.)

Fortunately, the number of passwords I need to remember has not yet exceeded the number of ancestors identified in my family tree.  That just could be my tipping point!


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One Response to A Simpler Life, or, Password Mania?

  1. Read this post over at Tika’s Teachings about an easy way to construct and remember passwords: http://tikasthoughtsandteachings.blogspot.com/2010/10/no-wind-for-me-nosiree.html

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