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From Microfilm to the Digital Era

According to George G. Morgan of the Genealogy Guys Podcast, the 1940 U.S. census will be released April 2, 2012. However, it will be published only digitally.  There won’t be a microfilm edition. “Ah, the times they are achangin,” per … Continue reading

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Clever (But It Wouldn’t Work Today)

The most recent issue of the Ostfriesen “NeuesBlatt”, the quarterly newsletter of the Ostfriesen Heritage Society, Richard Behrens has an informative article titled “Adoption of Surnames.” He describes how the use of surnames came about in the Ostfriesen (Northwest)  area … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Gratitude

Thanksgiving is an appropriate time to remember our blessings. When it comes to genealogy I have four persons that I owe a debt of gratitude: my great-aunt Mary Fuhrman (for whom I was named), Adrian Krier (who compiled the Krier … Continue reading

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I Love Small Town Newspapers

Metropolitan newspapers are becoming less about local news and more about feature stories. In fact, I obtain most of my news from reading online sources since it is more timely. However, I’m not sounding the death knell for small town … Continue reading

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Not My Family Tree …

I definitely lack the “green thumb” gene and cannot identify this tree with the red berries.  Can anyone help? The red berries are especially striking as most of the green foliage has died for the season. I wonder if there … Continue reading

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Groenevelds Galore

This two volume set called Die Groenevelds was a gift from one of the compilers, Hinrich Groeneveld of Moosburg, Germany.  (Hinrich and I share a long ancestral line and have documented we are eighth cousins.) This book, published in 2008 … Continue reading

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Late to the Party

It seems a number of my genealogy colleagues can trace at least one line of their family to the United States eastern seaboard and colonial times. Often their  New England ties are connected with other well-researched and documented family histories. … Continue reading

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