Groenevelds Galore

This two volume set called Die Groenevelds was a gift from one of the compilers, Hinrich Groeneveld of Moosburg, Germany.  (Hinrich and I share a long ancestral line and have documented we are eighth cousins.)

This book, published in 2008 to commemorate the 100 year anniversary of the Groeneveld Family Association, contains an extensive family history of Groeneveld family members worldwide.  And the book itself is actually a third edition, the first having been compiled  in 1911 by Enno Groeneveld and the second in 1955 by Jacques B. Groeneveld.

In addition to the book, Hinrich Groeneveld, along with his son Dirk, also maintains a fantastic Groeneveld name database which  is updated frequently.  There are over 29,000 names in the database, and it was on this site I first found information on my great-great grandfather Heye Groeneveld several years ago.

Volume 1 of the most recent edition,  Die Groenevelds covers the Groeneveld  lines that originated in Coldemuntje, Germany; volume 2 includes those descending from Dorenborg, Heerenborg, Grosswolde and Steenfelde-Driever areas.

Some of the Groeneveld family members have anglicized the name to Greenfield.

Reading through the book definitely gives me the feeling of being connected to the 10,000 plus persons listed in the book.  I am so appreciative for this record of my ancestry from Hinrich and Anke Groeneveld.   Their visit to our home in May 2009 ranks as one of my ultimate experiences in genealogy.


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  1. Mary Ann Black says:

    That book sounds like a family treasure!

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