I Love Small Town Newspapers

Metropolitan newspapers are becoming less about local news and more about feature stories. In fact, I obtain most of my news from reading online sources since it is more timely.

However, I’m not sounding the death knell for small town weekly newspapers. They still have the mission of providing “local” news that just is not found elsewhere.  The old saying is, “Oh, we know all the news before it is printed, but we read the newspaper to see if they have the news right!”  (And, yes, sometimes local news does have several versions, depending on the source.)

But a genealogist just has to appreciate the extraordinary detail in obituaries published in weekly newspapers.  In most cases, it almost a complete biography stating the parents, place of births, dates of all important events, locations, occupations, education, and maybe even a character sketch of the deceased.  Larger cities are now charging for almost anything other than a brief death announcement.  Not very useful for future generations of family historians!

So, hats off to the publishers and staff of weekly newspapers!  Your work is greatly appreciated!


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3 Responses to I Love Small Town Newspapers

  1. Troy Schwans says:

    Nice blog! Makes me wish I owned a small town newspaper or two. Oh wait,,,,, I DO!!! Thanks for the encouraging outlook on small town newspapers and my job security!

    • Donna says:

      Glad to see you still have your newspaper, Mr. Schwans. 😉 I remember when you used to send me copies. Tysca

  2. Troy Schwans says:

    Geneology season is here again at the newspaper! Each summer we get weekly requests from folks who would like to stop by and research our archives. I never knew so many people had so many relatives! 🙂 Later!!

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