Progress Between the Generations

Even though it doesn’t appear on my birth certificate, Comfort Creature could well be my middle name. First it was a crock pot, then a telephone answering machine, a microwave,  and a VCR, all of which have evolved to the likes of voice mail, DVDs,  broadband Internet, and faster computers.

The pioneer spirit in me does not match that of my ancestors! Their challenge was mainly to survive, all the while being challenged by migration, extreme weather conditions (global warming myth notwithstanding!), and medical limitations. Wondering if they remembered to turn off the lights before leaving a room was not a concern for them!

Fast forward 100 years and my life seems quite blessed by comparison. Medical advances, a free country with many opportunities, and more financial certainty are great blessings.  My great-grandparents would have be astonished by the Internet, email, and Facebook.

But it turns out those those are the very resources I am using to learn more about their lives and times.   What technology advances will my ancestors use to search the present generation?  Maybe I’ll give them a start by leaving them a well-documented family history … in electronic format, of course!


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One Response to Progress Between the Generations

  1. Mary Ann Black says:

    ALL a sign of the times!

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