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Memories of 57319

Home for me growing up was Bridgewater, South Dakota. However, I left shortly after graduation from high school in 1965, never to officially live there again. I have few regrets about my childhood but do wish I’d taken more photographs … Continue reading

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The Simple Words of Research Requests

As an officer in our local genealogy society, I often do research requests we receive for persons who have ancestors who lived at one time in Story County, Iowa. It always helps if we know specifically what the requester is … Continue reading

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Amazing Google … What’s Not to Like?

Since the late 1990s Google has revolutionized Internet searching and become the leading search engine. But that only scratches the surface as Google has a translation service for approximately 155 languages, including “Elmer Fudd.” (Those wascally words!) And that, too, … Continue reading

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Wee Bit ‘o Irish Luck

Irish records have the reputation of being incomplete and scatter– if they even still exist. But some of that characterization might not be completely accurate, as more records are being made available online. Today it was my great fortune to … Continue reading

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An Ever-Changing World

Progress in technology: Cave writing … invention of paper … invention of printing press 78rpm records … 45 rpm records … 331/3 rpm vinyl records … 8 track cassettes …  audio cassettes … compact discs … mp3 files Silent movies … Continue reading

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Winter In Iowa

“We know cold.”–Jim Lohr, native of South Dakota Winter in Iowa: snow, cold, … beautiful!  (But still cold.)

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Missed It By A Bit

We were researching my husband’s family in eastern Iowa and, after trooping through a cemetery, stopped at the adjacent farm to inquire where we might find the sexton or whomever had the records. In the course of the conversation, we … Continue reading

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A Joy to Behold

It’s fun and amazing to watch an experienced researcher and librarian in action helping a patron. Today I had that opportunity at the Iowa Genealogical Society Library in Des Moines. Librarian Debi Chase and I were discussing arrangements for the … Continue reading

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Swedish Genealogy

Photo of Andrew Hanson (1826-1898) and his wife Bertha Persdotter(1830-1898)  They are my husband’s great-grandparents. Andrew Hanson was known as Anders Hanson in his homeland of Sweden.  Born 24 Nov. 1826 at Lomma Parish,Malmohus Ian, Sweden he emigrated to the … Continue reading

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