Amazing Google … What’s Not to Like?

Since the late 1990s Google has revolutionized Internet searching and become the leading search engine. But that only scratches the surface as Google has a translation service for approximately 155 languages, including “Elmer Fudd.” (Those wascally words!) And that, too, is just the beginning as there are over 40 services listed from Google alerts to Youtube.  (This doesn’t even begin to count the products and services in their labs.)

It’s difficult to imagine doing genealogy research without all the tools and services Google offers.  This will be one of the topics  discussed in the upcoming class the Story County Genealogical Society will be sponsoring, beginning February 15.  (More information is available on the Society webpage.)

Not everything is on the Internet, of course, but why would any serious researcher overlook a very useful tool?  Google has helped me personally find more information on my great-great-grandfather, connect with relatives in other states and countries, keep in contact via video chat with a relative in Kenya, hosted a personal and a genealogical society website, answered a myriad of questions, confirmed an ancestor’s location and vocation, translated currency, made calculations, showed me images of the German church where my ancestors were baptized and married … and the list goes on.

Ah, Google, it’s not just for searching anymore.

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