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This (Might) Explain It!

Earlier, I’d blogged about some of my ancestors arriving on the shore of the USA younger than when they had departed from Europe. (Fountain of Youth?)¬† There might be an explanation: Newly arrived immigrants were subjected to various tests when … Continue reading

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Not Quite the Same

My genealogy research is so not like the television series “Who Do You Think You Are?”¬† The following have never happened to me: *Being able to trace back eight generations in 42 minutes. *Having no problems with two persons of … Continue reading

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The Pain and Joy of Genealogy Research

The end of the road, or the proverbial genealogy brick wall, is a frustrating place. It’s not a destination a researcher will willingly chose but sometimes, in the journey, that’s where we find ourselves. As a person who handles some … Continue reading

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Fountain of Youth?

It’s a known fact that in traveling from east to west one “gains” time in crossing different time zones. A recent genealogy experience may concur with that point: An examination of the ship passenger list gives the names of my … Continue reading

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Checking the Old Files

Things I learned in going through some of my earlier files: One of my husband’s ancestral lines, the Lellmann¬† surname, has been traced back to the Dieblich, Germany. The church records are excellent for this time period and I was … Continue reading

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