The Pain and Joy of Genealogy Research

The end of the road, or the proverbial genealogy brick wall, is a frustrating place. It’s not a destination a researcher will willingly chose but sometimes, in the journey, that’s where we find ourselves. As a person who handles some of the requests our local genealogy society receives, I don’t like arriving at the junction of No Results and No More Ideas. But, it’s an inevitable locale at times, based on the lack of available records or incomplete information.

A much more rewarding path is the successful conclusion of a research request, or, at least providing some clue to help make a meaningful and useful connection in tracing a family tree.  The one that is truly memorable was helping to return a one hundred year old photo album to descendants of the people in the pictures.  The album had been found in an antique store and the buyer recognized the people as being related to a family friend.  What are the odds of this happening?

Those are the kinds of experiences that make it all worthwhile.  Despite some unsuccessful endings, it’s the success stories that provide the incentive to keep searching.


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One Response to The Pain and Joy of Genealogy Research

  1. Lori Parrott says:

    Hi, Mary

    Thank you for sending the materials on the Hansen and Johnson family! I have enjoyed reading them. I hope you are doing well.

    Lori Parrott (Hilda and Frank Johnson’s great granddaughter)

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