Not Quite the Same

My genealogy research is so not like the television series “Who Do You Think You Are?”  The following have never happened to me:

*Being able to trace back eight generations in 42 minutes.

*Having no problems with two persons of the same name appearing in the record.

*Being able to read all the handwriting in the record.

*Being personally greeted and helped by the head of the archives or library.

*Being able to travel extensively with no worry of the cost.

*Having a group of professional genealogists do the bulk of the research.

But my genealogy story would not provide a compelling television story for that matter, either.  So I’m content slogging along with my research, blogging and being involved in the Story County Genealogical Society and the Iowa Genealogical Society.

That’s enough “excitement” for me!

About maryjlohr

Avid genealogist.
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1 Response to Not Quite the Same

  1. Mary Ann says:

    Well I am not so sure about that! Bet your stories would make great T V.

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