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Gems in the Conversation

One of the best genealogy treasures I have is a recorded interview with my aunt Ella Kruse,  a resident of the Diamond Acres Care Center in Bridgewater, South Dakota at the time of our conversation in May 2003.   Ella passed … Continue reading

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Sweet Comforts

Who doesn’t remember the comforting foods of their youth! Several favorites come to mind: *my grandmother’s fried chicken, done in a large, cast-iron skillet. (Colonel Sanders secret recipe doesn’t even come close.) *my grandmother’s canned peaches. The good part was … Continue reading

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Stopped by the Brick Wall

Hear that <THUD> sound? That’s my Irish research coming to a screeching halt!  I have hit the proverbial brick wall with my searching for  Robert Greene and his wife Mary Kelly. Here is what I’ve been able to document: They … Continue reading

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Brackets Aren’t Pedigree Charts

March Madness is in full swing! Unfortunately, my favorite women’s basketball teams (South Dakota State University and Iowa State University) have been eliminated. When I looked at the brackets in the newspaper my first thought was, “Oh, a pedigree chart!  … Continue reading

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‘Pun-derful’ Humor?

“Back in the old days,” before the widespread use of vaccines , my siblings and I suffered through the rounds of childhood diseases: mumps, chicken pox, and measles.  Fortunately, we were not left with any lasting effects, except for the … Continue reading

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Saturday Treat

Ah, the memories of our youth!  Growing up, my sister and I were given a small amount of money to buy a treat at the grocery store on Saturday.  My choice was always anything chocolate, preferably a package of Hostess … Continue reading

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Life Without a Shamrock Shake??

My ancestors who lived over a hundred years ago likely never sat in a dentist’s chair to have a cavity filled. But in the contemporary world, a visit to the dentist has become routine for me. My dentist can expect … Continue reading

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