A Joy to Behold

It’s fun and amazing to watch an experienced researcher and librarian in action helping a patron. Recently I had that opportunity at the Iowa Genealogical Society Library in Des Moines.

Librarian Debi Chase and I were discussing arrangements for the upcoming Spring Technology Seminar on April 16 and she was describing details and logistics to me. At some point, a visitor stopped at the desk, saying he had been referred from another agency. He was trying to find his grandparent’s marriage certificate and he and his sister had looked “everywhere.”

Debi asked him the names and a few other pertinent details. She checked FamilySearch, all the while maintaining a friendly and welcoming attitude toward the patron. (It was his first visit to the Iowa Genealogical Society.) Imagine his thrill when, within minutes, Debi found a transcription of the marriage license and printed a copy of that record! He was delighted.

The fun observing this was watching the interaction of a seeker and an accomplished, knowledgeable researcher. Debi made it look easier, but you don’t get to that level of expertise your first time. She was quickly able to focus on what he was wanting and then help him find it.

The patron left feeling satisfied for two reasons: he had what he was hoping to find, and, he had been treated very well.

That kind of service is giving IGS a good name.

(Disclaimer: I serve as second vice-president of the Iowa Genealogical Society.)


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