Life Without a Shamrock Shake??

My ancestors who lived over a hundred years ago likely never sat in a dentist’s chair to have a cavity filled. But in the contemporary world, a visit to the dentist has become routine for me.

My dentist can expect two things from me when he fills a cavity (in addition to payment for his services!): I always want to see the cavity in a mirror; and, I always press him for reassurance if he decides the area doesn’t need an type of numbing. (He’s right 100% of the time if he decides an anesthetic is not needed– I don’t feel any pain.)

My “reward” for sitting in the dental chair today was a trip to McDonalds to get a shamrock shake, only available this time of year.  Irish luck was in the air when I ordered a small shake but somehow was served a large one. (The clerk asked me if that would be ok!)  The picture says it all.

I feel a bit sorry my earlier ancestors didn’t have had such a treat available to them.  But they wouldn’t have missed the dental visit one iota.


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1 Response to Life Without a Shamrock Shake??

  1. Amy Coffin says:

    Good for you! Everyone deserves a reward for enduring a dental visit. I can’t think of a better treat than a Shamrock Shake!

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