Saturday Treat

Ah, the memories of our youth!  Growing up, my sister and I were given a small amount of money to buy a treat at the grocery store on Saturday.  My choice was always anything chocolate, preferably a package of Hostess Chocolate Cupcakes.  They were made of deep chocolate with a white creme filling.  To my way of thinking, they were just the best treat ever.  Our mother kept almost no “junk food” on hand, so Saturday’s treat money was a welcome diversion.

The challenge was that the Hostess Cupcakes cost twice what we usually received in money.  They were sold two in a package and I only had half-enough money to purchase one.  Well, I did what any older sister would “reasonably” do in the situation: persuaded and prevailed upon my two-and-a-half year younger sister to pool our money.  Yes, she definitely was being taken advantage of by me, all in the pursuit of my love of chocolate.

Many years have passed since those days of the Saturday Treat, but my love for chocolate has not abated.  Fortunately, my sister and I have an excellent relationship and I don’t think my persuasion tactics left any lasting ill-effects.

But the tradition continues in that I have faithfully taught my nieces and nephews the basic four food groups: Chocolate, Fruit, Coke (or Dr Pepper), and Popcorn.  I hope they don’t have to manipulate their way into obtaining chocolate like I did in the days of  my youth.

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1 Response to Saturday Treat

  1. Pat Grohs says:

    You are correct, Mary, in saying that there are no ill effects whatsoever in our relationship. Your “persuasion” tactics only worked because I share your love of chocolate. I might have felt taken advantage of had you tried to con me out of my half. You never did. Thanks for the fun memory!
    Your two and one half younger sister.

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