Brackets Aren’t Pedigree Charts

March Madness is in full swing! Unfortunately, my favorite women’s basketball teams (South Dakota State University and Iowa State University) have been eliminated.

When I looked at the brackets in the newspaper my first thought was, “Oh, a pedigree chart!  But why is it in the sports section?”  Whoa, maybe a little too much genealogy on the brain!

Genealogy has been my life lately as I have worked on research, attended (viewed?) a couple of genealogy webinars, worked with our local genealogy group, attended an Irish research class, and help lay some ground work for the upcoming Iowa Genealogical Society Spring Technology seminar on April 16.  All of this is enjoyable, but when the ole eyes confuse a basketball chart with a genealogy chart, it’s time to step back and catch my breath.

Now I’m speculating if by tournament time, basketball coaches think a pedigree chart looks like a tournament schedule!


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Avid genealogist.
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One Response to Brackets Aren’t Pedigree Charts

  1. Amy Coffin says:

    This made me laugh. It never occurred to me that brackets and pedigree charts are the same. I must have achieved the perfect balance between genealogy and sports.

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