Sweet Comforts

Who doesn’t remember the comforting foods of their youth! Several favorites come to mind:

*my grandmother’s fried chicken, done in a large, cast-iron skillet. (Colonel Sanders secret recipe doesn’t even come close.)
*my grandmother’s canned peaches. The good part was probably the amount of sugar she used.
*anything chocolate (except donuts and cherries, which should never, ever be mixed with chocolate)
*orange Popsicles, “twin pops” with two sticks. My sister and I would buy one on a hot summer day and then, with the paper still on, try to use a sharp surface to split it into two. Usually it worked. Occasionally, we didn’t split it parallel to the two sticks but succeeded in breaking it horizontally. That made dividing it more of a challenge. And we couldn’t delay the task, or it would melt. More than once we dwaddled too long and PLUNK the sweet, syrupy concoction landed on the sidewalk.

On my “to do” list for a hot summer day in 2011: enjoy an orange Popsicle to see if it tastes the same as I remember.

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1 Response to Sweet Comforts

  1. Mary Ann Black says:

    Cannot beat good old comfort foods! It all sounds delicious!

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