An Oops Moment in Program Scheduling

What a difference five years–and a group of forgiving genealogy society members–make! It was in 2006 and our local genealogy group did not have a scheduled program for our May meeting. Being fairly new to the group, and a bit shy, I arranged to have a speaker on courthouse records available in Story County Iowa.

It sounded like an informative program and all the details were set … except for one not-so-small error. On what I thought was a week prior to the meeting, I received a call from a member asking if I was going to be at the meeting. “Oh, yes,” I exclaimed, “Next week.”

My heart sunk as she said, “Ah, the meeting started ten minutes ago.”

Well, there are not words to describe my feeling of utter failure at letting down my colleagues. (Not to mention the sense of doom and despair!) I told my husband I could never show my face at another meeting since I was so humiliated and embarrassed.  He wisely said, “Things will work out and it will be ok.”

Time does have a way of giving a perspective to our mistakes.  (It probably helped that our society doesn’t meet in the summer months.)  When September came, I timidly returned to the group and was graciously welcomed back.  It was an incentive for me to accept the vice-president nomination later that fall.  My major responsibility:  arranging for programs!

I served in that capacity for two years … being extra careful to double-check dates of our scheduled meetings.  Fortunately, there were no more missed meetings.  Lesson learned!

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