Dandelion Reflections

Ah, the beloved/hated dandelion!  A weed?  A flower?  Well, if’s in in our lawn, I guess it’s a weed.  On the prairie it can be pretty– before it goes to seed.

As a child in grade school we would hold them under our chin.  If the yellow color reflected on our chin, it was a sign we liked butter!  How’s that for an old wives’, er, old genealogist’s tale?

I wonder if my ancestors ever made dandelion wine?  If so, the recipe was never passed down.  The closest tale we have of any “home brew” is the second wife of my great-grandfather used herbs and flowers for medicinal purposes and, apparently, had a regular home health business.  Some of her concoctions required an alcoholic base and that was problematic during the prohibition years.  She kept it hidden in the basement, but my great-grandfather was known to find her cache on occasion.

Maybe harvesting a few dandelion plants would have solved the problem!


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