Some Results, More Questions

Over the Memorial Day weekend, my husband, Jim, and I went “cemetery hopping” in eastern South Dakota to visit the tombstones of many of our ancestors and relatives.  My intent is to post some of the photos to Findagrave.  However, first I need to sort,  crop and edit the photos.

We were able to get some good photos, thanks to my husband having a second set of extra batteries (the spare set was a dud) as well as a second camera.  Jim believes in being prepared and it definitely paid off!

At the St. Francis DeSales Catholic Cemetery in Estelline, South Dakota, we visited the graves of Michael and Maria Anna. Lellman. (Tombstone reads Anna M.)

Michael (1823-1907) and Maria Anna (1823-1896) are Jim’s great-great grandparents.  They were originally from Gondorf and Kobern, Koblenz, Germany, respectively, and lived for a time in Fond du Lac Wisconsin before moving to Estelline.

It was the “extra” tombstone on the lot that is currently a mystery.

The inscription reads:

“Our Darling Baby Dau Lellman buried Dec. 17, 1902. Beneath this stone in soft repose is laid a mother’s dearest pride.”

Based on the dates, obviously this female infant is not the daughter of Michael and Maria Anna.  Could she be a grandchild or great-grandchild? Michael and Maria Anna were the parents of Helena, Mattias Joseph, Peter, Martin, Joseph, Margaret, and Guilelmus.

The Lellman family lot has a perimeter marking which  would allow for more burials than just the three indicated.

So, despite getting the photos I had intended, this “extra” tombstone is currently an unsolved mystery.  Does anyone have information that would shed some light on solving it?


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One Response to Some Results, More Questions

  1. Marilyn Roth says:

    Petra Schmitz sent me the link to your blog. I was amazed to see that the South Dakota part mentioned Hitchcock Park, Mitchell, SD. The formal gardens are still there, and the swimming pool is now a water park. We live on the other side of town, only a block from Jim Ernster.

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