Silver Cars All in A Row

As I pulled into the Ames Family History Center on a recent summer morning,  I felt “among kin” as all the cars in the lot were silver, albeit slightly different shades.

I wonder: do genealogists have a silver-liking gene?

Do genealogists do better work when they drive a silver car?

Were silver cars on sale when we purchased our last vehicle? (Or, maybe silver paint was on sale when the auto manufacturers painted the cars.)

Does the color of our car match the silver in our hair?


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Avid genealogist.
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One Response to Silver Cars All in A Row

  1. Diana R says:

    Well I would certainly stand out (or not fit in) in that crowd :-0 I drive a RED car, which matches my RED laptop and RED suitcase 🙂 Are you sensing a theme here? My hair, however, does have quite a lot of silver these days although I still pay to have it covered up…although not with red 🙂

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