Success Along the Way

A good genealogy day is one that results in solving a brick wall, finding that elusive ancestor, or connecting with a distant cousin (who just happens to be interested in the same family lines as I am!).

Today was a really good genealogy day … albeit not involving any of the above things. I spent the day in Des Moines with Nicoe Hart, president of the Iowa Genealogical Society. We began our work with a great lunch at Jason’s Deli. Fortified with food, we took a look at the facilities for the upcoming IGS conference and finalized some arrangements. Despite the challenges IGS faces, we are fortunate to have Nicoe at the helm with her steady hand. Her calm assurance is a great asset.

Back at IGS, we gained a volunteer to help with the website and the social media aspect.  Thank you, Deb!

And I had contact with researchers in Rommerskirchen, Germany, home to my husband’s immigrant ancestor.

So, while I did not uncover any new ancestors, the other progress made was extremely gratifying.

Oh, and I forgot that I also found two genealogy videos concerning Irish research.  A very good genealogy day indeed!


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