More Names for the Genealogy Chart

Jim’s and my daughter has just become engaged to be married to a wonderful young man. They seem so right for each other in every way.  We wish them all the best and rejoice in their wonderful news.

How different their story might have been if they had lived generations ago!  Instead of finding a spouse from hundreds of miles away, they likely would have married someone close in age from the same village or locale.  And prior to that, marriages were mostly arranged by the parents!  Knowing our daughter, that option would not have been a popular one.

Engagement, wedding, marriage … so much to look forward to in the coming months.

Following the wedding festivities there will still be one important task to complete: adding a new son-in-law’s name to the family genealogy chart!  I am looking forward to doing that.

Congratulations, Naomi and Ryan!


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One Response to More Names for the Genealogy Chart

  1. Pat says:

    Thanks for sharing your great news. Congratulations to Naomi and Ryan as well!

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