Feeling the Heat

The current heat wave hitting the central part of the United States brings back memories of the hot summers of my childhood.  Those were the days of pre-air-conditioning.  But somehow as a youth, my friends and I seemed impervious to the high temperatures.  Our parents, however, did not share that resistance!

Three phrases we heard during the summer:

“Close the door so the flies don’t get in.”

“Don’t stand with the refrigerator door open.”  (It was not a self-defrosting model!)

“Would you like some Kool-Aid?”  (We drank gallons of it.)

Playing outside in the shade, climbing the large trees,  and downing Kool-Aid (mostly orange, grape, or cherry) made the days fly by.  Our town did not have a swimming pool, but we did take lessons at various surrounding towns and lakes: Salem, Montrose, and Lake Hanson.

The heat of the day usually did not hit until shortly after noon, so any gardening was done in the early morning hours in the cooler temperatures.  Afternoons were generally spent “keeping our cool” by not thinking about the heat too much.

But the question still lingers– is it the heat or the humidity?  Right now in Iowa it is both!

(I’m off to go swimming!)


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One Response to Feeling the Heat

  1. Pat says:

    Thanks for the wonderful memories of those long hot days of summer in South Dakota. Your memories are the same as mine. Great post.

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