Nickolas and Ann Ernster’s Family, ca. 1903

Children of Nickolas and Anna (Krier) Ernster taken ca. 1903.

In back: Elizabeth (called Lilly), born 1893; on far left Leona, born 1897, on far right her twin brother Leo; behind Leona is Aloysius, born 1895; infant is Mary, born 1902.

Two children were born later, John in 1904 and Martin (called Mike) in 1907.

Lilly passed away in 1923 from tuberculosis.  She was never married.

Leona, my grandmother, was a serious person and a very hard worker.  Her canned peaches and fried chicken were her trademarks.  And dust in her house?  It didn’t exist.

The youngest child in this photo is my namesake.  From an early age she was called Ace, because of her dark hair and complexion.  She had a wonderful sense of humor and will always be remembered  in my mind for her response to her doctor: when he told her the source of her painful knee was deterioration due to old age, she looked at him and said, “Well the other one doesn’t hurt and it is the same age!”


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2 Responses to Nickolas and Ann Ernster’s Family, ca. 1903

  1. Pat says:

    Mary, this is a great photo and I loved your write up.

  2. Bev Krier says:

    Mary, I agree with Pat this is a great family photo and write up. Monte and I both love Mary’s (Ace) response to the doctor!

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