An Unexpected Turn (and Discovery)

Thanks to our two host couples, Jens and Jane Delger, and, Hinrich and Anke Groeneveld, our trip to Germany was extremely well-planned and co-ordinated. It seems everything went flawlessly and the experience was wonderful. But there was an unexpected, serendipitous moment along the Rhine River Valley that cannot be fully explained.

Guided by the navigation system (GPS), we were making our way from Rommerskirchen back to Frankfurt enjoying the drive and fantastic scenery. But sometimes the “navi” system seemed to operate rather independently and have a mind of its own. However, that was a good thing in this case: suddenly we found ourselves in the town of Dieblich.

Hmmm, that name sounded very familiar, and with good reason.  Upon checking my database, I have confirmed that Dieblich (population 2,400) was the home of Jim’s fourth through ninth great-grandparents, beginning with Johan Lellmann in 1748 and extending to Jacob Lellman in about 1600.

What are the odds of our discovering a small German town, with a wrong wonderful turn, that was the place of residence for six generations of  Jim’s family!  This one still defies explanation.


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2 Responses to An Unexpected Turn (and Discovery)

  1. Mary Ann Black says:

    Divine Intervention!

  2. Naomi says:

    Howe very “german” that things were so well-organized, but you can still have wonderful mistakes when things don’t go as planned. Reminds me of getting kicked off the train in the beautiful Kufstein, Austria on my backpacking adventure!

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