Rommerskirchen, Germany: A Return to the Lohr Homeland

On our trip to Germany, we visited Rommerskirchen, home of many of Jim’s ancestors. I had contacted the Bürgermeister, Albert Glöckner several months earlier, and, through a series of email exchanges with Klaus Erdmann and the Historical Society, we learned of two cousins living there.  During our two-day visit, we met Anna and Marie, their families and some of their children and grandchildren.  Their warm welcome was tremendous.

We also were given a tour of St. Martinus Church which was an experience too deep for words.  The baptismal font where Jim’s great-grandfather was baptized is still used today.  And the organ music was a deeply-moving episode for me.

On the morning of the second day, we met with Herr Glöckner and members of the Historical Society who had done so much preparation for our visit.

Words are impossible to describe the whole events, so here is a link to photographs, graciously provided by Klaus Erdmann.



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One Response to Rommerskirchen, Germany: A Return to the Lohr Homeland

  1. Mary Ann Black says:

    Wonderful sweet memories!

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