Visit to Grotegaste Church

On our trip to Germany I had not expected to see the graves of any of my ancestors since it is the custom usually to reuse a grave after a certain number of years. (There are some exceptions.) Imagine my delight when my cousin Hinrich Groeneveld showed us the graves of our common ancestors, Willem Engelkes (1560-1625) and Hinrick Willems (1604-1689). The burial location is in the chancel of the Grotegast Church. (I do not fully understand the reason for this placement, but they must have figured prominently in the history of this church.)

Willem Engelkes is my ninth great-grandfather; Hindrik Willems my eighth great-grandfather.

My thanks to Anke Groeneveld for providing these photos.

Exterior of Grotegast Church

Grotegaste Church with view of cemetery

Grotegaste Church pews and view of the choir loft.

Hinrich Groeneveld showing me the Groeneveld database.

Graves in chancel of church.

Hinrich Groeneveld and Mary Lohr standing at the graves of our ancestors.

Sunlight streaming in.

View of organ in Grotegaste church.

Tombstones in the church cemetery.

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2 Responses to Visit to Grotegaste Church

  1. Mary Ann Black says:

    Beautiful pics and experience!

  2. Fred Schwans says:

    Thank you for sharing this information Mary! Wonderful pictures too!

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