Myth Debunked by Logic

Klaus Erdmann, an historian in the Rommerskirchen area of Germany, has provided some clear and logical thinking on the Lohr family “story” concerning Mathias Löhr’s supposedly swimming the Rhine River to leave Germany.

Herr Erdmann states:

  • Butzheim, Cologne, and Antwerp are all on the left side of the Rhine. (Thus, there was no reason to be on the other side of the Rhine when Mathias was trying to reach Antwerp, his ultimate destination before leaving for America.)
  • Mathias could have traveled on foot or stagecoach and reached Cologne in a few hours.
  • Furthermore, he would have had to swim against the current, a nearly impossible task, especially when the current is strong.
  • Finally, if Mathias had crossed the Rhine he would have been even further into the interior of Prussia placing him a greater distance from Antwerp.

Danke, Herr Erdmann, for this excellent reasoning and explanation.

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  1. Mary Ann Black says:

    Very helpful info!

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