City Wall of Fulda, Germany

Old City Wall of Fulda, Germany

Buildings known to as “old” in the United States may refer to an age of 100 or 200 years … but in Germany the term takes on a different meaning with structures dating back hundreds and hundreds of years.  To the left is the city wall of Fulda, Germany.  Behind it you can see part of a parking garage, a blending of old and new.

Mary Touching the Fulda Old City Wall

Somehow standing by and touching the wall made me feel very young (by comparison!)

If only the wall could talk, what tales we would hear.  I can only imagine the people that were kept safe within the walls and those who venture beyond them.

The wall did give me a sense of history.


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One Response to City Wall of Fulda, Germany

  1. Pat says:

    Very nice picture and very interesting.

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