A Home With a History

When Jim and I were in Germany in September we had the pleasure to visit the home in Landschaftspolder of Hinrich Groeneveld’s parents, Diedrich and Hilde Groeneveld. We had refreshments in their beautiful garden (but it’s more like a park with all the flowers and plants).

Their farm has an amazing history, having been in the family since 1754. The original surname name of the farm owners was Poppens. At some point the family had only daughters, one of whom married into the Groeneveld line and the name of the farm was changed.

The oldest part of the present house dates to 1802.

During World War II, an artillery shell from a Canadian shell was fired into the barn, and the hole is still visible.

Another view

Hinrich Groeneveld with his parents by the oldest part of the farm building.

Somehow, of all the places I have lived, none of them even comes close to having this much of a story to tell!

View of the house from the road.

Main part of Groeneveld house.

In the hausbarn.

Refreshments in the garden.

Hole from artillery shell.

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