Ah, Words!

If it is true that “words have meaning,” then I have discovered a few things might be entirely different from what I thought.  For instance, my computer printer is called an “imaging device” on one of the computer menus.   Well, using that logic, a mirror is an imaging device also, but certainly a mirror is not a printer.

And, according to my car manual,  the heater is an environment comfort system.”  Really?  As someone who considers chocolate to be a necessary requirement for a comfort system, I cannot by any strength of the imagination  see any relationship between my car heater and a chocolate candy bar.

And I discovered my car radio is no longer a radio, it is “an entertainment system.”  OK, this one makes a bit of sense if you include the CD player.  But I’m old enough to remember when an entertainment center was a cabinet that included a record player (also known as a phonograph!), AM/FM radio, and perhaps a CD player.   There is no way that piece of furniture would fit into my medium-sized car.

Guess it is all in the evolution of words!


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Avid genealogist.
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2 Responses to Ah, Words!

  1. Mary Ann Black says:

    U R very clever:)

  2. Pat says:

    Good points, Mary. And it is funny as well.

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