Children of Nicolas and Anna (Krier) Ernster

This photo, taken ca. 1903, includes five children of Nicolas and Anna Ernster who lived at Emery, South Dakota.

Elizabeth Ernster (with bow in hair), called Lillie,  1893-1923; Aloysius, 1895-1968; twins Leona(1897-1985)  and Leo, 1897-1968; Mary (called Ace), 1902-1991.

Two sons were later born: John and Martin.

Three Ernster sisters: Elizabeth (Lillie), Leona (my grandmother, married John H. Schaefers), and Mary “Ace” (married Francis Fuhrman).


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One Response to Children of Nicolas and Anna (Krier) Ernster

  1. Judie Hritz says:

    Anna was a sister of my grandfather, Peter Krier from Emery. My father was John M. Krier and my mother was Bernadette Krier. My sister Delores and I are making a book with info and pictures from my fathers family. He died when I was 3 years old and have no memories of him so this is quite a challenge . I would love to have you email me and give me any memories you have of Nick and Anna and if you would be willing to email me any pictures we would love that too. I just found your blog tonight (or rather this early morning). I live in CA now but we still go back every year to visit the family we still have there. Do you remember Jack Krier who ran the Bridgewater paper for some time? Anyway, he’s my brother!

    Judie Krier Hritz

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