Just the Tonic Needed

Is genealogy research and work beneficial to your health? A recent experience leads me to think it is.

About three weeks ago I came down with “the crud,” defined in non-technical terms as feeling yucky, having little energy, a stuffed head, and just not having much get-up-and-go.
A quiet Christmas came and went with not a lot of celebrating. I kept thinking the extra sleep would eventually help turn around how I was feeling.

Looming on the horizon was a scheduled presentation to our local genealogy society on our trip to Germany. The task was made somewhat easier by having plenty of time to prepare and I was able to assemble a slideshow for the program.  Still, I just was not back to feeling normal.

Amazingly, my old energy returned probably an hour after concluding my presentation!  I  think the pie and social time at a local restaurant following the meeting also helped.

So, my theory is a genealogy presentation, pie and social interaction may be good for what ails me!


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One Response to Just the Tonic Needed

  1. Pat says:

    Of course. Pie and social interaction is good for what ails some of the rest of us too.

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