Fun TImes!

One of the fun parts of having a very close friend or family member being married is being able to share in the festivities. And not all of this happens just on the wedding day.

Kari is engaged to Danny, son of our very, very good friends Karen and Dan.
We’ve known them for over 36 years, before Danny was even born. Many holidays have been spent together and we’ve celebrated practically every major life event with them, most recently our own daughter’s wedding a few months ago.

Today it was my privilege to co-host with Karen a bridal shower for Kari.  It was a fun event with special people coming from as far as New York and Texas.   The big surprise was that Kari’s mother attended, a secret successfully kept until just the right moment.

We wish Kari and Danny all the best as they will begin their married life shortly.


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One Response to Fun TImes!

  1. Mary Ann Black says:

    Sounds as if wonderful memories were made:)) Happy to hear that Kari’s mother arrived with no travel problems.

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