Stories Behind the Facts

My family tree is laden with names, dates, and locations. Photographs and narrative stores are sorely missing. But a precious autobiography of a great-aunt, Sister Mary Julitta Naescher, has come my way.  My own mother was named after her and talked fondly of her.  I never knew Sister Julitta as she  passed away ten years before I was born.

But seven and a half hand-written pages reveal Sister Julitta’s pain of the loss of her father at an early age,  her mother a few years later, her love of learning and school, a deep religious conviction, her upbringing, her family connections and her reflections on the changes in her life.

She was born Mary Catherine Naescher, daughter of William and Caroline (Nipp) Naescher, on July 27, 1881 near Yankton, Dakota Territory.  She died February 2, 1937 at Carroll, Iowa.  These are the “facts” in my family tree database … but the real treasure lies in her own story.

I will be sharing portions of her autobiography in future posts.

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