Personal History of Sister M. Julitta, Part 2

In this section, S. Julitta describes the birth of a younger sister shortly after the death of her father, and a bit about both sets of her grandparents:

In the meantime father’s family, too, had arrived and settled about fourteen miles north of us.  [Their home would have been in either Yankton or Hutchison County, Dakota Territory.  The family referenced was the William and Josephine Naescher family.]  We were back and forth at regular intervals and often I would stay at grandpa’s for a week or more at a time.  “Aunt Lizzie” and I were great pals and Uncle Johnny was an ideal uncle.  On leaving for home I would always stow away my play things “until the next time.”  Six weeks after the death of my father, on returning from one of my delightful visits, what should I find at home but a dear little baby sister!  [This would be Elizabeth Naescher born 4 August 1886]  There were now three of us, Baby, Boy [William Naescher born 18 June 1885], and I.

Snow was on the ground by the time mother was ready to leave home to spend the winter with her folks.  I remember the journey.  Though but a short distance, it was tedious.  We boarded the noon passenger at Bridgewater, after transferring once or twice, riding in a caboose part of the way, spending part of the night at a hotel, we reached Yankton next day.  “Daddy’s home” [This would be the home of Alois and Johanna (Boss) Nipp] was a jolly place.  How could it have been otherwise with six young boys full of life and humor? [The six young boys were: Alois (Louis), Emil, John, David, Henry, and Frank.]

My! the grand evenings we had!  However before long grandma and I were down with pneumonia and, in a few days, that bunch of boys had no one to call “Mother.” [Johanna Nipp died 6 Jan. 1887]  Baby, who was not expected to live, survived and after some days I, too, could sit up but could neither stand nor walk.  I picked up rapidly and was soon as gay as ever.  [“Baby”, i.e. Elizabeth Naescher, would survive and live to the age of 95.]

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