A Few Surprises

Oh, the delightful finds of blogging and genealogy research!  In fact, it’s the genealogy research that has taken my time and, thus, no recent posts here for a time.

I am grateful for a distant cousin who recently contacted me about a line we share on my mother’s side.  She found me via a blog entry I’d made several months ago.  Connection made!  Information exchanged!

The genealogy research has also had some pleasant and unexpected finds.  At the request of my daughter’s in-laws, I have begun researching some of their genealogy.  This one is completely different from my own family, all of whom are more “recent” immigrants, coming to the Mid-west in the middle-to-late 19th century.  No Pilgrims, Puritans, or colonial ancestors in my line.

This “new” research includes families from England as well as a line or two from Germany.  But they are primarily of English descent with the line going back to the 1300s. The mix includes very early settlers of Massachusetts and, wonder-of-wonders, a family history published in 1889– all 900 plus pages.  I am finding this family well-researched and, more importantly, well-documented.   Finding their path has been “relatively” easy.  It’s delightful when the foot print is fairly visible.  (There is a bit of a time element here in that the compiled research is to honor a family member later this year.)

So, while I have worked for years on some of my own ancestral lines, it’s gratifying to find some of the research on this family has already been done and documented.

Is it possible to “trade” ancestors? Nah, that might take the fun out of the thrill of the hunt.

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1 Response to A Few Surprises

  1. Peter W. Lohr says:

    Hi Mary
    I am wondering if we might be related. My Grandfather Frederick W. Lohr (1866-1953) had two brothers George C (1856-1936) and Charles H(1859-1907) that had a drugstore in Estelline SD. My Father , Frederick J.(1920-1999), We never talked about any Lohr cousins while growing up and after reading this about Alan, it made me think we might be . If you could should any light on this I would appreciate it.
    Thank you,
    Peter W. Lohr

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