Jacob Löhr, 1807-1895

The adages “Never Give Up!’ and “Collaborate With Others” recently revealed genealogy information on my husband’s great-great-grandfather Jacob Löhr. We knew he was born 6 November 1807 in Stommeln, Germany to Peter Löhr and Elizabeth Duster.  But the closest we could estimate his date of death was “after 15 July 1874” since he was still living when his wife, Barbara Meurer, died 15 July 1874.

But Klaus Erdmann,  historian  extraordinaire whom Jim and I met last year in Germany, has continued his research on the Löhr line and discovered the death record of Jacob Löhr: (I have used Google to shorten the URL)


What an incredible find this was!  Jacob lived to a ripe age and his descendents are claiming to have inherited his “longevity genes.”  We certainly hope so!

When it’s tempting to give up the search, a discovery like this gives me a huge dose of motivation.  My profound thanks to the German researchers and archivists who maintain these records.

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  1. Wir sind stolz Jim Lohr bei der Suche nach seinen Vorfahren helfen zu können!

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